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Data privacy

Programs for evaluation of user behavior on the LMU/KUM internet pages are only used by the LMU in an anonymized form. On several internet and Moodle pages we use the Open-Source-Software-Tool Matomo (formerly PIWIK) for analysis of your surfing behavior. This software places a cookie on your computer. If individual pages - even sub-pages - of our internet pages are called, then the following anonymized data is saved.

·         Two bytes of the IP address of the calling system (user’s system)

·         The called internet page

·         The internet page from which the user has arrived at the called internet page (referrer)

·         The sub-pages which are called from the called internet page

·         The dwell-time on the internet page

·         The frequency of call-up of the internet page

·         Information about the operating system, type of browser, video display resolution

The software Matomo is set up so that full IP addresses are not saved, but rather two bytes of the IP address are masked. In this way an unambiguous association with the calling computer is not possible. Therefore, your IP address is also always anonymized before any evaluation.

The software runs exclusively on the servers of the LMU/KUM. Any saving of data occurs only on these servers. Any transmittal to third parties does not occur. Additional information on Matomo is found at (external link).

The use of Matomo can be disabled in general by making a corresponding setting in your internet browser.

You can decide whether an unambiguous internet analysis cookie may be saved in your browser in order to allow the operator of the internet page to acquire and analyze various statistical - not personal - data. The use of an internet analysis cookie serves the purpose of improving the quality of the internet pages and their content, and for improving user convenience. Web analysis cookies make it clear how the internet page is being used, so that the offering can be optimized.

However, if you decide against it, then please disable the checkbox to set the Matomo deactivation cookie in your browser.

Your visit to this webpage is currently detected and anonymized by the Matomo web analysis tool. Please click here so that your visit will no longer be detected.

The use of Google Analytics on the LMU/KUM web servers does not occur for reasons of data protection.

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