A number of outputs from the Project will be made avaliable for public.

1. SOPs in the form of handbooks.

- Handbook I: How to adapt existing eLearning Content to Country specific Needs (available here)

- Handbook II: how to create new eLearning modules and all neccessary elements, taking account of Country specific requirements

2. ENeA SEA Curriculum: graphically shown as a qualification tree

3. Learning Units (eLearning modules): freely available on the Internet after Registration to the platform (link to be provided once the platform is launched)

4. Training package: different combinations of eLearning modules, to form Training pakages for subspecialty qualification (to be provided in the Training Package option) 

5. Video showing how to use the ENeA SEA Moodle platform (user introduction), freely available even without Registration. (Video to be provided once the platform is launched)


Newsletter winter 2016/17: DAAD Euroletter

Newsletter Summer 2017: Early Nutrition eAcademy